Form 2

Intensive Mathematics - Form 2 (Second Edition)

Written by Y. S. Pang, N. Cheung & S. H. Cheung

First Edition: September 2009

Second Edition: July 2021

ISBN 978-962-296-101-2


Previous Edition (Discontinued)

Intensive Mathematics - Form 2

Written by S. H. Cheung, N. Cheung & Y. S. Pang

First Edition: September 2009

ISBN 978-962-296-058-9


Introduction to the First Edition

This book consists of 14 chapters which including 2 final revision tests. Each chapter consists of six parts:

This book comes with a “Solution Guide” to aid students in problem solving. It consists of:

From the front page, we mentioned “the main purpose is to provide students with a well-organized in learning revision and method of revision”. However, this may be difficult for students to do that. Therefore, we suggest the following points to students.

(1) Highlights

(2) Differences area of summary

(3) Difference types of summary

(4) Systemic summary

There are various types of summaries to give students more choices for concept illustration and technique discussion.