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We believe in the importance of Mathematics education to young people in development. Consequently, apart from skills and concepts in Mathematics, the series emphasizes abilities in perceptual and imaginative education to interest in the subject and appreciation of the beauty of Mathematics. However, the deficient education of teaching is complicacy, which make student only focus on a one think but not a life-long learning. As a result, Mathematics education is formed from perceptual to rational education. This is a learning process to facilitate the building up of foundation knowledge. Hua Luogeng, a world-renowned Chinese Mathematician, has his unique philosophy on learning – that we learners should acquire and digest information thoroughly to let it become our knowledge. In Chinese, that is “由薄到厚,由厚到薄”. In our opinion, this is the axiom of learning Mathematics.

The main purpose is to provide students with a well-organized in learning revision and method of revision, thorough the “Solution Guide” that can be used throughout the year.

This series of books are comprising of 3 volumes, the Form 1 volume, the Form 2 volume and the Form 3 one. Each chapter of the book mainly consist of five parts:

(1) “Notes” - To introduce the mathematical concepts and method of calculations.

(2) “Exploration” - To explain and establish by examples, sometimes includes analysis and discussion to solutions under the example.

(3) “Warm-up Zone” - There are simple questions similar to typical examples for basic skill training. Students can easily complete them by referring to the examples given. As students have gone through all the questions in this section, the questions in “Challenging Problems” are relatively more difficult than those in “Warm-up Zone”.

(4) “Challenging Problems” - For students of different levels of ability, there are questions of different types and levels in exercises, which enhance students’ skill in problem solving.

(5) “Revision Test” - Part A is multiple choice questions, which contains of 10 different questions and 30 marks. Students at least answer five questions correctly. Part B is word problems, which contains short and long questions and 70 marks. Pass: 50 marks or above; Good: 75 marks or above; Excellent: 90 marks or above.

This series of books all contain a “Solution Guide” to aid students in problem solving. It consists of:

(1) Solution for harder problems (with the asterisk sign *).

(2) Further notes and explication.

(3) Further chapter summarizes the key points, concepts and terms.

We believe that this series would be a great help to the students, and we welcome any comments from teachers and students for our improvements in the future.


感性的,形像的教學是低年級教學中不可或缺的階段。感性教學的優點在於直觀,容易理解,且和生活密切相關,能引發學生學習的興趣。不足之處常使教學內容較為龐雜,易使學生只見樹木,不見森林。及時總結,去蕪存菁,由感性到理性,是學習任何知識的必經之道。我國數學家 華羅庚先生說過:學習數學,必須




(一)《內容精髓》– 扼要而系統地介紹數學概念和計算方法。

(二)《觸類旁通》– 精選最必要的例題,並附一些解諧的分析或討論。

(三)《齊闖數關》– 提供課程要求的基本習題。學生必須理解、掌握這部分內容以後,才可以接觸《更上層樓》的問題。

(四)《更上層樓》– 拓廣視野,提高學生解難的能力。

(五)《能力測試》– 甲部為多項選擇題,含十小題,共30分。應最少正確解答5題或以上。乙部為計算題,由長短題組成,共70分。50分或以上為及格;75分或以上為良好;90分或以上為優秀。


(一) 較難問題 (標有*) 的解答或指引。

(二) 對正文作進一步的闡明。

(三) 對部分章節作小結。


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Form 1 (Second Edition)

中一適用 (第二版)

Form 2 (Second Edition)

適用 (第二版)

Form 3 (Second Edition)

適用 (第二版)

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